Rentals: Sorry, rentals will be available next year when the ground unfreezes and is dry.

Rentals are based on First Come First Served basis.

Hourly ChargeMinimum
Total Cost
Type of EBike
$20 per hour
(2 hours minimum)
$40Step Through Ebike,
Sport Ebike
$25 per hour
(2 hours minimum)
$50Fat Tire Ebike,
Low Rider Ebike, Cruiser Ebike
Rental Cost includes helmet and lock chain. 

Need to Know

To rent you must be 21 years of age and you must present valid ID and Credit Card.

A $500 deposit is due on Ebike rental and will be refunded as long as the Ebike is returned in the same condition.

Important Notice

We reserve the right to deny rental to anyone for any reason.

We do not offer rentals when the ground is wet or when rain and heavy wind is in forecast.