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If you need a rack for your e-bike(s), this one has a $60 coupon on Amazon. The last time I have seen an E-Bike rack under $300 was last year. This rack will hold total of 140lb, which is strong enough for any two e-bikes purchased from us. In addition it can be mounted on a car, van, and a pick-up. It tilts and has anti wobble system. The bottom trays can be adjusted to any bike's frame size. We recommend to always using additional straps to hold the e bikes down for an extra protection.
Disclaimer: Eze-Bikes does not receive any type of benefits from the Leader Accessories Company. We simply care about our customers and would like to share this deal. Thanks again for your support!
Electric Bicycle, E Bike, exclusive discount for THOSE WHO SERVE US during this Veteran Appreciation Weekend. #ebike #ebikes
EZE-Bikes is back and fully operational. Thank you all for your good wishes!
Happy Halloween!
Think E bikes are cheating. Think again!